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Monday, June 20 2022

Mitochondrial Health Part 4 – Supplemental Support

We have already discussed some important methods and supplements but since it is such a complex subject, in this newsletter I will try and give reasons why these additional supplements should be considered as important activators for improving mitochondrial health by increasing ATP and energy within our cells. These supplements have multiple benefits beyond helping the mitochondria, but for the sake of this newsletter I will keep it specific to mitochondrial health benefits.



This is a sugar found within beef, eggs, and dairy. Aging, and exercise can reduce ATP, and D-Ribose will bring back energy from lowered ATP. Taken by capsule or powder in ranges from 3-5 grams is recommended. From what I have read on it, taking it for one month to see if it is helping. There was a study in 2015 from Ohio State that showed an improvement in congestive heart failure in 64% of the subjects when supplementation of D-Ribose was administered over six weeks. Cautions: Some people report gastrointestinal symptoms and lowered blood sugar when taking it, so anyone with hypoglycemia or even those who are on insulin need to be cautious.



This is an antioxidant found in the seeds, and skins of grapes and berries. This study in 2017 showed improvement in mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction. There does not appear to be any cautions to be concerned about with resveratrol.



An amino acid that transports long-chain fatty acids into your mitochondria ...  (keep reading)

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