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Finally!  A simple way to monitor and reduce the effects of your daily stress

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is emerging as an important way of measuring our overall level of health, our ability to handle exercise and stress, and more. 

HRV is not heart rate.  Heart rate is how many beats our hearts beat in a given period of time.  If your heart rate is 60 beats per minute, it is assumed that our heart beats one time each second for 60 seconds.  Not necessarily.  Your heart may beat 1.2 seconds one beat and .8 seconds the second beat and 1.25 seconds and then again at .9 seconds.  This inconsistency is heart rate variability and the importance of measuring it came out of Russia in the mid 1970’s.  

Celebrating Our HeartMath Community

•Scientifically validated technology programs producing over 80 research publications*
•Over 300,000 technology products sold
•Award-winning technology featured at CES, Last Gadget Standing
•Over 20,000 health professionals use and recommend HeartMath products and training
•Sold in 85 countries

What is Inner Balance™?
• Patented scientifically-validated system uniquely measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
• Simple technology includes an infrared sensor connected to your iPhone
• Sensor clips to your earlobe and takes a pulse reading

Instantly the app reads the heart rhythm, develops a breathing sequence for you to follow and helps you to transform emotions in the moment

Features include inspiration session, advanced data monitoring, awards and journal

Get into coherence through Inner Balance and positive emotions
The Inner Balance app and sensor for iOS transforms lives by providing real time monitoring with coaching programs ©

Experience Immediate Results
•  Understand the impact of emotions on your physiology
•  Change your reaction to stress
•  Transform your attitudes to a more positive outlook
•  Build resilience with just a few minutes of daily use
•  Track your progress and receive awards for your efforts
•  Journal activities and record your successes
•  Share your sessions and inspire others

We're with you all day!  Grab the app for your smartphone and stay on track!


Inner Balance™     (for Apple Products)

Inner Balance app and sensor for iOS assists the user in replacing habitual stress responses with a new level of inner balance and a deeper sense of ease in the face of stressful situations. Real-time feedback, guided techniques and exercises within the app provide proven strategies to change the stress response. Over two decades of HeartMath® research sets the foundation for this truly unique and effective approach to reducing stress. Inner Balance works with iPhone®, iPod® and iPad® devices. No other technology on the market today tracks HRV coherence at the refined level of the Inner Balance sensor.

emWave2®         (for NON Apple Products) 

The emWave2 is a portable and convenient way to reduce stress, balance emotions, and increase performance with the use of real-time feedback with lights and audio cues. emWave2 takes a pulse reading from the user’s thumb or earlobe and instantly develops a breathing sequence to follow, based on your heart rhythms and emotions. By tracking your heart rate variability (HRV), it helps you align your breathing and heart rhythms. emWave2’s computer interface adds the functionality to track progress through storing session information and shows a more detailed view of heart rhythms. Users learn how to achieve a high-performance mental and physiological state called “coherence” using HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique.


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HeartMath emWave 2
HeartMath: Inner Balance sensor for iOS
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Raving Fans Talk about Their Experience

•“This product has helped me with relaxation and stress relief without the use of medication. It has been a lifesaver for me in waiting rooms and crowded areas. People think I am just listening to my I-Pad….” – Olivia L

•“I have found that since using Inner Balance I am much more aware of my breathing & heart rate. I am the type of person who tends to excite easily. This can be good if I'm happy but on the other end, bad if I'm furious. Performing the HeartMath sessions is helping with my awareness to my heart rate and breathing…. “ – Kitten K

•“… I can take it anywhere with me. I feel amazing after doing it! It is the most powerful tool I have found to reduce stress quickly in my life….” – Tammi E

•“The most complete hands-on tool to get into coherence. A complete winner…It really challenges you to use it more and everywhere….” – Paul V

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