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Saturday, December 23 2023

A little over six years ago I wrote a newsletter called The Hydrogen Fix. The article talked about how molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant to scavenge free radicals such as hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite, two of the most damaging free radicals that our bodies produce. What is unique about hydrogen is because it is the smallest molecule, it can pass through the blood brain barrier and reduce inflammation in the brain and in other parts of the body. In the past six years I have had some patients use tablets of molecular hydrogen to dissolve in water and then drink the water to get more hydrogen into their body. In some cases, patients have reported that their memory has improved, it has improved gastrointestinal symptoms, or their brain fog has lifted.


Although molecular hydrogen tablets work well, it can get costly buying the tablets if you are using one to two tablets per day. There are companies making hydrogen water devices, however, understanding what things to look for to determine a good device vs an inferior model can require lots of investigation. Fortunately, I found a company Hydrogen4Health that I think offers a great explanation to understand what makes for a superior device. Their personal use hydrogen generator looks like this. In this video the company explains the use of a PEM plate to separate out chlorine, salts, and ozone that can otherwise show up in the water in addition to hydrogen gas. The devices that use electrolysis to create the hydrogen will be producing the impurities mentioned and are inferior hydrogen generators and that will be reflected in the price. Inferior devices like those will be under 100.00. The device H3 Nano V3 Hydrogen pictured on the left is 199.00 and contains the PEM plate which is a proton exchange membrane that only allows the hydrogen to pass into the water. It takes about 5-10 minutes to saturate the water with a therapeutic dose of molecular hydrogen that most would find useful.


The next level of hydrogen molecular generator is a device that not only generates hydrogen to drink, but also to breathe. When sitting with a nasal canula breathing in molecular hydrogen, you can take in a much greater concentration of hydrogen than you could get by drinking hydrogen water. In fact, breathing in just 12 seconds of hydrogen would give you more than what you would get from drinking a hydrogen tablet dissolved in water or from what the production of a 5–10-minute personal hydrogen generator could make. Imagine how much hydrogen you would get from sitting and breathing it in for 60 minutes. It is hard to fathom but when you consider how small a hydrogen ion and I restate this fun fact from Part 1: If each molecular hydrogen were a penny, one teaspoon of this water contains enough H2 (pennies) to fill 333,000 football stadiums with pennies.  Another incredible fact is you could put three million molecules of H2 across the width of a human hair! 


At flow rates of 150 ml per minute, you would get about one thousand times the hydrogen that you would get by drinking a 16 oz glass of hydrogen water. At 300 ml per minute, you would get two thousand times more hydrogen and at 600 ml per minute, you would get four thousand times more hydrogen. Not surprisingly, the cost for a device like this can run 3-10 times higher than it would for a personal hydrogen generator for infusing water. How many milliliters of hydrogen per minute it can make and whether it has a PEM plate are two important criteria to consider.


Pubmed lists close to seven hundred articles on the benefits of hydrogen gas. Most of the research about hydrogen medicine is coming out of Asia and it is all very impressive. However, while reading I found out about something called Brown’s Gas or Hydroxy Gas which is something similar, but it has oxygen mixed into it.


Brown’s Gas or Hydroxy Gas

This story begins with a man by the name of George Wiseman a man who is a self-described inventor, builder, and tinkerer. He owns many patents for various things, one of which is a hydrogen generator for gasoline engines that increases gas mileage by about 25%. For one of George’s projects, he needed a specific high powered welding device. He decided to get one fueled by Brown’s gas rather than a typical acetylene torch. Brown’s gas was patented by William Rhodes in Phoenix AZ in the 1960’s but it was not called that at the time. Rhodes patented the Multicell Oxyhydrogen Generator and called it single ducted gas. It wasn’t until a scientist from Bulgaria named Ilya Valkov who later moved to Australia and changed his name to Yull Brown that the technology was developed further, and Brown was able to make a torch that could burn, and weld materials at 6000 degrees centigrade using only a mix of hydrogen and oxygen without any fossil fuel. (More information on Yull Brown). George Wiseman wanted a Yull Brown torch but was unwilling to pay the $100,000 dollars that it cost so he made one himself for about a third of the price and then went and started a business selling his version of the Yull Brown’s torch. Wiseman’s knock off Brown’s Gas torch was selling well and then one of Wiseman’s clients told him that he had used the gas to saturate a melanoma lesion on his forehead. After a series of treatments for himself, the melanoma went away. Wiseman at first thought it was crazy but after he delved into it more, he read that hydrogen gas had some health benefits and investigated a little more. He decided because Brown’s gas is flammable, to decrease the concentration of the gas. At a 4% or less concentration that danger was eliminated. He started experimenting on himself and a few people by inhaling the gas regularly. At a ratio of 66% hydrogen, and 33% oxygen at a specific concentration, it was perfectly safe, and he and others started seeing improvements with their health. George and now a few other companies are making devices that people can use to breathe in pure molecular hydrogen mixed with oxygen or Brown’s gas (Hydroxy Gas). Hydrogen 4 Health is one of those companies, and because I think their maintenance for their device is easier, I ordered their device as a therapeutic option for patients in the office.

The H2 Life Brown’s Gas machine v4.1, pictured on the left. I t has a flow rate of 600 ml/minute for adults which would surpass most pure hydrogen generators and can be set to 300 ml/minute for children. It requires maintenance every two hundred hours which includes draining the distilled water carefully and then dissolving lye or caustic soda into distilled water to create the hydrolysis effect for the next two hundred hours of use.


What makes this newer therapy more unique to straight hydrogen gas inhalation is that it also produces a percentage of EZ water which I discussed in last month’s newsletter in the fourth phase of water. This is a phase of water that Dr. Gerald Pollack’s research shows exists within our cells and is important in detoxification and maintaining our overall health. Dr. Pollack has confirmed that a percentage of EZ water is generated by this Brown’s Gas or Hydroxy Gas.


Final Thoughts

Even though hydrogen is flammable, at the reduced concentration that comes out of the hydrogen gas and Brown’s Gas devices, you would have to hold a match directly to the output (obviously not recommended) to get even a small pop and even then, there is a safety mechanism to prevent the hydrogen reaction spreading into the rest of the machine. Hydroxy Gas can also be used therapeutically to a limb. Instead of breathing in the gas the canula can be placed within a plastic bag to a foot or hand and the gas then permeates the skin for its anti-inflammatory effects.


If anyone would like to try this new therapy, it is 30.00 for a half hour and 50.00 for an hour. Truthfully, with most issues, it would be worthwhile to go in for several treatments to see if it helps. There is hardly any perceptible smell when breathing in hydrogen. Lastly, if any of these treatments, making hydrogen rich water, hydrogen gas, or Hydroxy gas seems like a home strategy you would like to employ, then click this link (available soon) to my website and order one of these units for your home.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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