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Thursday, October 15 2015

Yeasts and molds
One of the most common problems I see in practice is associated with the overgrowth of yeast.  Many physicians over the past several decades have linked several forms of yeast to many common health issues.  One common yeast is Candida Albicans. However there are several others and they can cause symptoms such as mood disorders, concentration problems, fatigue, headaches, depression, back pain, digestive problems like bloating and irritable bowel, persistent coughs, itchiness and skin problems.

Perhaps the first doctor to talk about yeast and its associated problems was Dr. William Crook and his book, The Yeast Connection, published in 1986.  Traditional medicine has long relegated yeast problems to those with severely compromised immune systems and not for those people with functional chronic health issues.  It appears that this is one more example of traditional medicine failing to see the immune stress that is appearing all the more frequently in our fast paced,  toxic, and overstressed society.  

Where does yeast come from?
Yeast that are potentially dangerous live within our guts in small amounts and never present a problem unless we live a lifestyle that allows it to reproduce into numbers that cause us harm. The most common causes are from:
1.  The over consumption of sugary foods.  Yeast love refined sugar and high glycemic food choices that feed the yeast and allow them to proliferate.
2.  Antibiotic exposure.  Just one dose of antibiotics can upset the natural ecology of the gut and allow yeast to thrive.
3. Contraceptives.  For women, oral birth control, vaginal sponges, and I.U.D.'s can all contribute to the overgrowth of yeast.
4. Overconsumption of alcohol

The medical treatment
Nystatin is the most commonly prescribed drug for yeast overgrowth. However there are many side effects that should concern you such as diarrhea, hives, racing heart (tachycardia), facial swelling, and muscle pains.  There are numerous natural products that can kill yeast without those same serious side effects and in my opinion should be the first choice when trying to address a yeast issue.  

There is mold just about everywhere.  It is estimated that 50% of the buildings in the U.S. have had water damage resulting in mold growth.  With modern buildings having controlled air flow through vents year round, mold spores can easily congregate in walls or in the ductwork of the building, causing a health risk to those who work or live in that environment.   

In the autumn the leaves fall from the trees because of the mold on the leaves.  Crops such as coffee, corn, peanuts and grains are often stored in large bins where mold could grow.  Washing them helps, and cooking kills the mold but alarmingly it doesn't kill the mycotoxins that form from the mold.

Mycotoxins are a toxic substance produced by a fungus or mold.  There are hundreds of different mycotoxins, but the more common ones have been isolated and Aflatoxin, is one of those that has been most cited in research articles.  There are others that I will briefly summarize here:

Mycotoxin          Major Foods Health effects
Cyclopiazonic  Acid
T-2 toxin
Corn, Milk products
Cheese, corn, millet
Corn, cereals, Coffee
Apples, Apple juice
Cereals, coffee, cheese
Hepatoxic, Cancer
low leukocytes
Esophogeal cancer
Nephotoxic (kidney)
Hepatotoxic, Cancer

this was derived from an article from the world heath organization

There are ways of evaluating a patient for yeast overgrowth.  One way is a stool test with a microscopic examination to isolate yeast.  Mold evaluation by air sample testing  by could provide some answers.  If mold in your home is a problem consider spraying with this product:  Restricting foods such as those above is likely to help too.  Careful investigation and taking the appropriate supplements will likely help in most cases of fungal and mold problems.   

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