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Sunday, September 24 2017

The Hydrogen Fix

The first element in the periodic table in chemistry is Hydrogen (H).  It is the smallest, lightest, and most common element in the universe.  You would think that this is one element would be easy to get in our daily life.  However, the useable form of hydrogen is molecular hydrogen and that isn’t so easy to get.


Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas and composes only 1 ppm of Earth’s atmosphere.  Over 500 research studies in the past six years show that H2 because of its small size, can cross the blood brain barrier, and go within cell structures to address neuro-oxidative stress with high efficacy and safety.  While it is true that bacteria in our intestines generate H2 as they ferment unabsorbed carbohydrates, and we do absorb some of that hydrogen, most of the H2 produced in your intestines is either exhaled via your breath or flatulence and is usually produced in such small amounts that no noticeable therapeutic benefits can be noticed.  This diagram shows the size of various antioxidants and you can see why H2 would have the ability to cross barriers that other antioxidants cannot.

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