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Wednesday, December 23 2020

The Covid-19 Whistleblowers

As we end this unusual year, I thought it would be worthwhile to give some attention and thanks to the whistleblowers.  Those people who stuck their necks out to deliver revelatory truths about the pandemic.  A whistleblower is a person who informs or makes disclosure on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.  In most cases, they just speak out about a wrongful practice that could result in personal attacks against themselves.  The following spoke out and even though they were ridiculed and humiliated by others, they did so with the interest of righting a wrong.  In my mind, these are some of the unsung heroes of this pandemic.


Dr. Li Wenliang

Last December while working as an eye doctor at a hospital in Wuhan, he sent a message to fellow doctors warning them of a virus he was seeing in the hospital that looked a lot like the SARS virus from 2003.  Soon after this, he was investigated by police for “spreading rumors” and told to “stop making false comments”.  He later died in early February from Covid-19 at the age of 34. When he died, hundreds of thousands of people turned his Weibo page (like Facebook), into a public outpouring of both sorrow for his fate and anger towards Chinese officials for their unfair portrayal of his actions. 


Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell

Last March when Covid-19 infection rates were spreading across the country in its first wave and politicians and hospitals were calling for mass production of ventilators to treat Covid-19 cases, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell an emergency physician at Montefiore Hospital posted a youtube video from his home.  In the video, (which had almost 1 million views) he explained what he was seeing at the hospital with low oxygen levels in his Covid-19 patients.  He felt that ventilators were the wrong treatment for most Covid-19 cases and that the patient’s symptoms resembled more of altitude sickness than an acute respiratory failure.  He argued that giving oxygen would be more beneficial.  Not long after this, the treatments in hospitals changed to giving supplemental oxygen and turning patients on their stomachs so that it was easier for Covid-19 patients to breathe.  Given that almost 90% of patients put on ventilators died, this change of procedure has no doubt saved thousands of lives. 


Dr. Scott Jensen

Dr. Jensen is a Minnesota state senator and still practicing family physician, and clinical associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical school in the Family Practices department. Dr. Jensen came under investigation by the Minnesota medical board after comments he made about the pressure to falsify death certificates with Covid-19 as the cause of death. After he exposed this, the state board of Minnesota investigated him, and although it was eventually dismissed, Dr. Jensen raised awareness that the Covid-19 death count might be inflated by both a political agenda and a monetary incentive from Medicare. 


Dr. Didier Raoult

Dr. Raoult is a French physician and microbiologist and a leading authority in infectious diseases.  He is the most cited microbiologist in Europe and the seventh worldwide.  He faced a lot of scrutiny about his treatment of Covid-19 with a 60-year-old drug Hydroxychloroquine in combination with an antibiotic Azithromycin.  Despite, falsified data that had to be retracted in both the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine about the shortcomings of this combination of drugs, and the associated attempt to tarnish Dr. Raoult’s protocols, he and other doctors continue to use this protocol in treating Covid-19 with great success.  There have been all sorts of attempts to demonize Hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness with studies using toxic doses that has put Dr. Raoult and other doctors on the defensive, but he remains steadfast in his belief that it is a cheap and effective treatment option.  His records of treatment of over 1000 patients and the success of other studies to its effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine are a testament to this and for it remaining a treatment option for physicians. 


Dr. Michael Yeadon

Dr. Yeadon has a degree in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a PhD in Pharmacology and is a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer.  He has over 32 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development.  He is concerned about the safety of Pfizer’s new mRNA vaccine.  He has come out publicly to say that safety data should be extended out for further time frames before complete approval is given for wider expedited use in the general population.  Until such time, “informed consent should be given with the understanding that it is an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine”. 


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

World-renowned German epidemiologist, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, recently submitted a petition to the European Medicines Agency requesting that all Covid-19 vaccine distribution and trials be halted until safety concerns are addressed.  He is particularly concerned with the following three points.  1. The formation of “non-neutralizing antibodies” which can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction when the person meets the real virus after vaccination.  This is called ADE, or antibody-dependent enhancement.  In previous corona vaccines, cats initially tolerated the vaccination well but died after catching the real virus. 2. The mRNA vaccine contains polyethylene glycol, and 70% of people develop antibodies against this and can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccine.  3. The vaccines will produce antibodies against the spike proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and those spike proteins contain syncytin an essential component for the formation of the placenta.  He feels it must be determined whether the vaccine might trigger an immune reaction to placentas post-vaccination that would result in infertility to a vaccinated woman. 


Del Bigtree

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis Del Bigtree a former Emmy award-winning producer for the show “The Doctors” and now the host of his own online show “The Highwire” has been a refreshing source of independent investigative journalism free of corporate sponsorship. Just two weeks ago, the news media reported a spectacular 95 percent effectiveness from the new Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for Covid-19. The Pfizer and Moderna studies had 44,000 and 30,000 participants respectively in their latest trials with each divided in half between vaccinated and placebo groups. What Del revealed is that the results were really based on the first 170 cases out of 44,000 in the Pfizer study, and the first 196 people in the Moderna study to develop Covid-19. This is what was really found to support the 95% success rate.


Pfizer 170 cases out of 44,000 had covid-19 of which 162 people were on a placebo and 8 people were vaccinated. 10 cases were severe of which 9 people were from the placebo group and 1 person was vaccinated.

Moderna 196 cases out of 30,000 had covid-19 of which 185 people were on a placebo and 11 people were vaccinated


At first glance, the studies do show a smaller incidence of Covid-19 cases in the vaccinated groups. Kudos to the pharmaceutical companies for that.  However, the studies did not study all 44,000 people or 30,000 people, it only studied the

the first couple of hundred people to develop Covid-19 and see what group they were in.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui the Covid vaccine czar and head of operation warp speed said that 10-15% of the participants did develop side effects from the vaccine. Side effects included high fevers, body aches, day-long exhaustion, and more. If you factor in a 10% reaction to the 15,000 in Moderna’s vaccinated group and the 22,000 Pfizer’s vaccinated group, it will add in another 1500-2200 people with side effects. This would mean there were over 1500 people with reactions and or illness who were vaccinated vs. 185 people who had reactions to being sick with Covid-19. This analysis reverses the findings. Counting the side effect population, it shows the vaccine is 95% ineffective at reducing symptoms in comparison to the placebo group.  The statistics on the side effects were even more apparent thanks to the work of Del Bigtree’s parallel organization he founded, I.C.A.N., the informed concerned action network, which sued the F.D.A. to use a true placebo of a saline solution rather than the customary flu vaccine which causes more side effects and disproportionately would have made the Covid-19 vaccines seem relatively innocuous. 



I can remember getting the swine flu vaccine in 1976 that was later recalled for safety problems, namely an outbreak of Gullien-Barre Syndrome that caused paralysis for some people and death in others.  As we see images of the people first to receive the Covid-19 vaccines I ask myself, why is it I do not see Dr. Anthony Fauci, the FDA officials, the people who work at Pfizer and Moderna, as the ones rolling up their sleeves demonstrating their willingness to take the first doses of this new vaccine.  The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are the first in history to use mRNA technology in a vaccine. The first of its kind being used with two scheduled injections within a month, because six months ago, the studies showed too many serious side effects from one single injection. 



“To see a wrong and not to expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”        Dr. John Raymond Baker

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