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Friday, December 17 2021
Questioning Science

This may be the single most important article I have released to date. When the Biden vaccine mandate was announced and the Covid vaccine was approved for the 5-11 age group I felt the need to speak up. The goal is to create a conversation, create clarity in answering some of the questions about Covid I am asked every day but do not always have the time or resources to answer properly. These are confusing times to say the least. This is a long one, so find a quiet space, I hope you find it informative, and PLEASE respond with a comment or a question if you feel the need. As you will see, I am using this to share well respected and alternative sources to the mainstream media and governments narrative, so you can draw your own conclusions. We do not always need to agree, but we do need to have a place to speak and be heard.


Questioning Actual Science

With the pandemic showing no signs of abating as it approaches two years, the man driving the government’s response, Dr. Anthony Fauci head of NIAID (national institute of allergies and infectious disease) for the past four decades, has on more than one occasion stated when questioned on his approach, “that an attack on me is an attack on science.”


“The truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged.”


I do not know who to attribute this quote to, but it resonates with me given our current state of a pandemic. Hearing Dr. Fauci arrogantly equate himself with science is troubling considering his position and responsibility to the public. Science was built upon skepticism and debate. We need to be questioning every facet of the pandemic response. Our personal health, and our family’s health demands this scrutiny. With the demand for mandated Covid vaccination and armed with a one-year perspective to view the result of the vaccines, this is especially important.


Initially the “warp speed” development process for the Covid vaccines were hailed as a miracle of science with an innovative technology in vaccine delivery called mRNA. Millions of trusting Americans lined up for a vaccine with the expectation that by doing so, they would be flattening the curve, protecting themselves and others close to them from infection, eliminating transmission and allowing normalcy to return to their lives. They did this with the belief that the FDA and CDC had done a thorough analysis of data for safety when giving it EUA (emergency use authorization). That was in December of 2020. By August 2021, Dr. Rochelle Walensky of the CDC, and Dr. Fauci both admitted that the vaccine did not prevent transmission or infection and that vaccinated people carry the same viral load that unvaccinated people do. Breakthrough infections are occurring in the vaccinated and scientists call these covid vaccines “leaky vaccines” for this reason. As a result, the prevailing phrase to get vaccinated went from “protecting grandma,” to “prevent a serious infection and possible hospitalization for yourself.” This latest pitch is the only plausible reason for getting this vaccine, but there is growing evidence that this too may be wishful thinking as immunity wanes precipitously close to near zero percent effectiveness within eight months of vaccination. Pfizer admits that it drops about 83% within 4 months!


In November 2021, a surprising and troubling statistic was reported. That the number of deaths from Covid was higher in 2021 than it was in 2020 in the U.S. Assuming the statistic is not polluted with a more liberal interpretation of a Covid death, this is a clear indication that our public health policy is not working. While most news sources unfairly blamed the unvaccinated for this, the reality is that despite achieving a relatively high vaccination rate among the elderly (about 70%) who are most vulnerable, half of all hospitalizations now are of the vaccinated. This is being reported from Ireland and Israel and around the world. The only other reason I can think of other than a leaky vaccine that would cause a higher death rate in 2021 is that the vaccine itself is the reason.


This is not such a farfetched idea. In the original Pfizer trial of forty-four thousand people equally divided between two groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated, the following was found: Pfizer’s data showed twenty people died in the twenty-two thousand vaccine group in six months from all-cause mortality, and fourteen people died in the twenty-two thousand unvaccinated placebo group from all-cause mortality. In the vaccine group 1 person died of Covid, and in the unvaccinated group 2 people died of Covid. This translates to a 100% increased chance of dying if you are unvaccinated. Although this statistic implies the vaccine is 100% more effective to prevent death, that should not be interpreted that you have a 100% chance of not dying by taking a vaccine. This statistic represents relative risk vs an absolute risk, and it means they must give twenty-two thousand vaccines to prevent one death. If one person dies from the vaccine itself, then it cancels out 100% of the benefits. The next statistic to be aware of is that in the vaccinated group 5 people died from a heart attack where only one person died of a heart attack in the unvaccinated group. This could be interpreted that there is a 500% increased risk of dying from a heart attack from the vaccinated group, and that for each person they save from dying from Covid, four people will die from heart attacks. The good news was there were less cases of Covid in the first six months in the vaccinated group, but the trial was discontinued before seeing if any benefit would have evaporated had the study kept the control group intact longer than six months. Discontinuing a trial so that the control group can no longer be studied is a tactic that is often used by Pharma to hide potential dangers of a drug or a vaccine.


In the past two months, five Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland), and two European countries (Germany and France) have discontinued the Moderna vaccine in young adults. These countries either made the cut off at 30 years of age and in others 18 years of age. Iceland discontinued it altogether. Taiwan stopped the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in the 12-17 age group. The reason for these restrictions for both vaccines is the increased incidence of pericarditis and myocarditis reactions in mostly younger males under 30 years of age. Myocarditis is like a heart attack and presents with elevated troponin levels on a blood test and usually requires hospitalization and medication. Some people will eventually “recover” with mild scarring in the heart, however long-term health impairments in cardiac function may result, with a shortened life span. Others may eventually need a heart transplant. What is not widely publicized is that the Moderna vaccine is a stronger vaccine than the Pfizer vaccine. Moderna contains 100 mg of mRNA vs 30 mg in the Pfizer version.

Dr. Steven Gundry a world-renowned cardiologist and the author of several books has been following cardiac patients in his office using a PULS test which is a group of measurements for heart inflammation, and it assesses future risk for cardiac events. He just wrote an abstract showing that in vaccinated patients he is seeing an increase in the PULS numbers for about 2.5 months. I had written about the PULS test in a previous newsletter.



VAERS stands for vaccine adverse event reporting system. It was set up by the CDC decades ago and serves as a way of doctors reporting injuries from vaccines for the government to keep track of and determine safety concerns. As I am writing this, since the inception of the covid vaccine rollout there have been approximately 19,000 deaths reported to VAERS. These are usually deaths within two weeks of a vaccine, but about 50% of those were within 48 hours. There have been more deaths reported from the Covid vaccines than all vaccines combined over the past 30 years! See the chart below.

In addition to concerns with deaths and myocarditis, there are concerns about Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, neuropathies, blood clots, and miscarriages. In total, there have been approximately 900,000 VAERS reports since the vaccination program started. Because filing a VAERS report takes about 20 minutes and must be done by a doctor, who are sometimes reluctant to file it, it is estimated that the actual numbers are at least five to ten times higher than what is being reported. An online group called Real not Rare has individual stories with unfortunate consequences from the vaccines. In Israel, a documentary called The Testimonies Project interviewed dozens of people who had injuries or who had lost someone close to them from the Pfizer vaccine.


What could be in the vaccine that could be causing these reactions? A group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FDA to obtain the documentation used to approve Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine that is supposed to replace the EUA version. The FDA through a department of justice attorney claims that it can only release five hundred pages a month with sensitive and redacted information on a file that includes 329,000 pages of information. At this rate, all the information requested will be released in 2076. Then the FDA found an additional 59,000 pages and has requested an additional 20 years for the documents to be released in 2096! Does anyone really think that the FDA themselves read those 388,000 pages before granting EUA authorization or full approval of the Pfizer vaccine? The attorney Aaron Siri for PHMPT said, “while it (the FDA) can conduct that intense review of Pfizer’s documents in 108 days, it now asks for over 20,000 days to make these documents available to the public.” If this isn’t troubling enough, last month a drug industry whistleblower Brooke Jackson came forward with leaked evidence showing that Pfizer falsified data, broke fundamental rules, and delayed reporting adverse reactions in its Covid 19 vaccine trials. Ms. Jackson tried to approach her superiors about it. She also emailed a complaint to the FDA before being fired that same day. After this Jackson proceeded to send all her incriminating evidence to the British Medical Journal including internal company documents, photos, audio recordings and emails.


Is it possible that the vaccine injuries are being caused by A.D.E. (antibody dependent enhancement)? ADE is a result of waning neutralizing antibodies and increased binding antibodies that cause an enhanced immunological inflammatory response when exposed to the actual virus to which it was immunized. Excess binding antibodies allow the virus to infect more cells than it would otherwise. In previous vaccine development this has occurred a few times. Once in the 1960’s for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and a second time in 2004 after the first SARS corona virus. There was a third instance in 2016 for The Dengue virus when after 700,000 vaccines and fourteen children dying, the vaccine was discontinued due to ADE. In the 1960’s the vaccinated children in the RSV trials, did develop antibodies but had a more enhanced reaction to the virus when they encountered it. Eighty percent of those with the RSV vaccine were hospitalized along with two deaths vs only five percent of the non-vaccinated group requiring hospitalization after encountering the virus. In the attempt to develop a vaccine in 2004 for the first SARS virus the vaccinated mice developed antibodies as well, but soon after when they met the real virus they died. The pathology report of the mice showed necrotizing vasculitis in the large and medium sized blood vessels which could lead to strokes or blood clots. The study cautioned against a SARS CoV vaccine in humans. Does mRNA technology remove the fear of ADE for SARS CoV2? There were animal studies that were done concurrently with the human studies however because of the emergency state we were in, it was stopped after 56 days. This is too short of time for the neutralizing antibodies to diminish sufficiently to see how the animals would have fared when encountering the real virus or a variant. Once again, the pharmaceutical companies stopped a study after achieving what it wanted to show which was to only show a sufficient antibody response.


Despite all these statistics about injury, and despite the negligible risk for fatality for unvaccinated children (see chart below) the CDC last month approved the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11. There have been 170 children (about the same as what statistics would show from seasonal flu) that have died from Covid in the past 18 months in the age 5-11 group. This is very unfortunate, however drowning accounts for twice the number of deaths in children under age 15 each year than Covid. Marty Makary M.D., MPH, professor from a Johns Hopkins, who is pro-vaccine points out in his study that analyzed those deaths in the 5-11 age group that each of those children had a pre-existing condition such as cancer or cystic fibrosis. His conclusion was: it was unreasonable to push healthy children to be vaccinated for Covid and that efforts towards vaccinating older people would be of greater benefit. A large German study found that among children without comorbidities the fatality rate was three per million and under the age of five they did not find one single death. Simply put, healthy children’s immune systems encounter Covid 19 like a superhero.


Statistics on Covid infection                                                           

Age Group:             Infection Fatality Rate:      Survival Rate:            

0-19                          0.00003%                         99.997%                                

20-49                        0.0002%                           99.998%

50-69                        0.0054%                           99.5%

70+                           0.054%                             94.6%


An article by Toby Rogers PhD included statistical analysis from multiple research scientists, showing a NNTV (numbers needed to vaccinate) ratio of anywhere from 88-700 vaccinated children to prevent a single case of Covid in this 5-11 age group. The

experts predict even if you vaccinated twenty-eight million children in this age group, at best you would save forty-five deaths. It is estimated (by the CDC) that 40-50% of the children in this age group may have already been exposed to covid and have naturally occurring antibodies. In Hong Kong they followed vaccinated adolescents in the 12–17-year age group and found that 1 in 2700 got myocarditis. This could mean that for every million vaccines there will be 373 cases of myocarditis. Considering the myocarditis rate is more prevalent as you decrease in age groupings, and looking at potentially twenty-eight million children who might be vaccinated in the 5-11 age group it is a practical certainty that for the forty-five lives saved from Covid there could be over 10,000 cases of myocarditis and untold deaths due to the vaccine here in the U.S. This would far exceed what Covid would cause in that age group. Adding this vaccine to an already burdensome vaccine schedule for children who are not super spreaders and asking them to protect older individuals is an unethical burden to place on them.


I think the statistic of deaths per one million people gives balance to how each country is managing the pandemic. Worldometer is keeping track of cases, total deaths, and deaths around the world per one million people. You would think that the countries with the highest vaccination rates would have a lower number of deaths per one million people. However, countries such as Israel, Portugal, and Gibraltar with remarkably high vaccination rates are not faring so well with the deaths per one million category and countries like India, sub–Saharan African nations, and Japan with lower vaccination rates are faring better in the death per million rates. To be fair, Singapore a small island nation has a high vaccination rate and a low death rate per million. Overall, there seems to be no scientific basis that world governments could use to justify broad based mandatory vaccination of their populace. What was promised to be safe and effective has turned out to be lacking in both.



Final Thoughts

It was not intentional, but I failed to mention there were side effects from the J&J vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine. In April of 2021, the J&J vaccine was paused for blood clots and in July 2021 a warning was issued regarding one hundred cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. The AstraZeneca vaccine was stopped because of blood clots for a brief time in Thailand, Denmark, and Norway but it has since been reinstated.


Presently the CDC and the FDA do not consider a resolved case of Covid as proof of immunity even though there have been multiple studies showing that a resolved infection results in excellent immunity and reduces transmission by 13x over vaccinated immunity and gives you 20x the protection against reinfection. By the CDC’s own admission about 145 million people are in that category. If you combine the recovered with the vaccinated population of 195 million, then we should have achieved herd immunity and the pandemic should be over. Unfortunately, with these vaccines, vaccinated immunity will never achieve herd immunity because the vaccine puts pressure on the virus to mutate. This was first reported early in the vaccine program by Dr. Luc Montaignier (who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus). The uncomfortable truth is that herd immunity will only be achieved by everyone getting exposure to the Covid virusThankfully, it appears that as the virus mutates it may become more infectious, but its pathogenicity will decrease. Ideally the vaccine should have been reserved only for only those people and age groups most at risk and emphasis on early treatments should have been given greater priority. Speaking of herds, 80% of the deer population has tested positive for Covid and Zoos around the world have seen tigers, lions, giraffes, hippos test positive for Covid. Having animal vectors is further proof the virus cannot be contained and strengthens the case for early treatment. Speaking of mutations, the most recent Omicron variant, is showing up more so in those who have been fully vaccinated. This spread did not come from the unvaccinated who frequently have fingers pointed at them with blame. Even worse, than blame, threats of leaving the unvaccinated untreated, or increasing their insurance premiums as punishment is another misappropriated strategy that has attempted to become mainstream thinking.


In contrast to common sense and prioritizing early treatment, the officials at the CDC and FDA have been gaslighting the success of cheap repurposed drugs such as hydroxychloroquineivermectinbudesonidefluvoxamine if used early. Using these options would be like using a fire extinguisher instead of waiting for the fire truck to arrive. Instead, the governments propaganda machine is in full force. Pre-purchasing expensive on patent and still mostly unproven antivirals from their friends at Pfizer and Merck, constant TV advertising for taking a vaccine, blame for the unvaccinated, mandates for a vaccine to keep your job, and a probable vaccine for children as young as two as I have heard Dr. Fauci state. Three U.S. cities are already mandating vaccines for children 5-11. Even Sesame Street had Dr. Sanjay Gupta appear to talk about how to reduce the worries for Big Bird and children getting a vaccine.


Will boosters be mandated? Almost certainly. Are existing boosters effective against variants? Maybe for several months. Do we have any idea of the effects of one or more boosters will have on us or our children long term? No, but immune system fatigue is a possibility. What about the psychological effect of the pandemic on children?


As I am writing this, impending lockdowns of only the unvaccinated in Austria and Germany will start after ending full lockdowns of the entire country and both countries have vaccination rates of almost 70%, and higher in the elderly population. Austria has pending legislation that anyone who is not vaccinated will have to pay $4000.00 per quarter until they get a vaccine. Widespread lockdowns in Australia and Crete are also ongoing. There have been tens of thousands of people in these countries rightfully protesting their loss of personal freedom. Given what we now know about the weakness of these experimental vaccines, this is a discriminatory action by world governments. They are either badly misinformed about virology and immunology or have another agenda to motivate them to push these authoritarian measures under the cloak of public health. Could this happen in America? On November 30th, 2021, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 550 “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act” with bipartisan agreement. This bill if passed in the Senate would create a mechanism for tracking vaccination status, allow federal, state, and local governments to enforce vaccine passports, no-fly lists, and lead to an incredibly dangerous restriction of services and healthcare for those who do not follow the recommendations of vaccines and booster shots.


I have no problem with people getting the Covid vaccine or the boosters. That should be an individual choice based on your overall risk and family circumstances. I do think mandates for adults and children are an infringement on our personal rights. This is not a sterile vaccine like other vaccines. Sterile means it stops transmission and infection so any comparison between the Covid vaccines to other vaccines is not appropriate.


It is startling to me how governments worldwide have broken the rule of laws that were enacted in Nuremberg Germany after World War II and with the Helsinki Declaration in 1964 in which nearly every nation signed an agreement to prevent the tragic results of forced medical experiments that took place in German concentration camps. These laws were agreed upon to include informed consent and to follow the ten ethical principles governing research on human subjects including no forced coercion of a medical procedure. In the past two years, we have seen a gradual erosion of our liberties with lockdowns, masks and now vaccine mandates without any resolution of the pandemic. In fact, it has gotten worse.


This leads the conversation to one question… What should I do next?


It is my opinion that we all must do our part to voice our concerns about health freedom to our representatives in government. If you agree please see this link from Children’s Health Defense and use the script when you call or write your elected officials regarding H.R. 550. Please feel free to forward this to family and friends as well.


The Great Barrington Declaration was put together for concerned scientists, doctors, and citizens to sign for a more focused approach to managing this pandemic. Their philosophy is aligned with everything I have mentioned here, and their website is a worth a visit. If you could sign your name to the declaration it helps. There are almost 900,000 signatures.


If you have been vaccinated: Read the literature, check the sources, and decide if you want to take part in the ongoing booster program or not. Next, strengthen your own immune system with daily exercise, healthy eating, and natural solutions like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and adequate sleep all of which are helpful in preventing and treating infections. Regular nasal rinses with a saline solution in a neti pot would help too. You may want to consider getting a prescription for ivermectin for yourself and loved ones for a “just in case” event where you or someone close to you becomes ill with Covid. There are a couple of websites that offer support in this area. and where a consultation is free, and you have an option for a donation.


Lastly, I want to thank the following courageous doctors, scientists, organizations, and good Samaritans who are an inspiration to me and have provided me with the information to formulate this newsletter:


Robert Malone MD

Peter McCullough MD

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Geert Vanden Bossche DVM

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Steve Kirsch

Bret Weinstein PhD

Informed Consent Action Network 

Brownstone Institute

The Highwire


P.S. Sorry about the length of this newsletter. I hope you found some of it interesting and informative even if our viewpoints may not be the same. At the very least, if you learned something that you felt you had not known before that raised some questions for you, then my effort was worth it. I know some of you have lost friends and family to this virus and for that reason I know it is a sensitive subject. I had Covid this past summer and missed a week of work due to illness for the first time in 30 years. Thankfully, I was not terribly affected. I had a cough and felt like I had the flu, but I did take ivermectin and it helped me immediately. For me, not getting vaccinated was a decision I made without any regrets.


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