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Saturday, October 23 2021

When is a joint pain not a joint pain?

It is often the case that a pain in a joint does not always emanate from a joint. Instead, it is an inflammatory cascade that originates from somewhere else and spreads to either the spine or an extremity. After listening to a 2-hour lecture called A 21st century approach to Musculoskeletal problems by Dr. Robert Silverman he confirmed the more innovative ideas about gut health and its relationship to pain often discussed in Chiropractic today. Dr. Silverman author of a book called Inside Out Health, describes by focusing only on the point of pain we may be chasing a red herring in our current approach to pain. A term called leaky gut syndrome that has multifactorial causes is often the root cause of pain. Below is a synopsis of the causes of why leaky gut is so prevalent today, how to diagnose it, and what to do about it.


Leaky Gut Syndrome

This diagram shows how food sensitivities and pathogens, and toxins disrupt the protective barrier in our gut. Leakage between the epithelial lining can allow the escape of these pathogens/toxins or the inflammatory chemicals that they induce, and it can then migrate elsewhere in the body. That could result in a painful joint or more seriously an autoimmune inflammatory pain.                Click the title to get the entire article

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Friday, September 24 2021

There seems to be a little bit of a buzz in the natural health world the past few years about the use of collagen as an anti-aging compound both as a way of keeping our skin healthier by reducing wrinkles, and its use being linked to healthier joints, bones, hair, blood vessels, immune system, and organs.


Collagen, comes from the Greek word kola, meaning glue, and gen, meaning producing.  Derived from the processing of animals, collagen contains all 20 essential amino acids with noticeably high amounts of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. It is the most abundant protein in the body making up 70% of our skin, and 90% of our connective tissue and bones. Collagen acts like a type of scaffolding which nutrients attach to.  In the skin it would allow antioxidants such as vitamins A and C to bind to it so that it gives protection to potentially harmful UV-rays.  Its function is important in a vast array of circumstances including joint lubrication and regeneration of the lining of our intestinal tract. 


Types of Collagens:

Type 1: Is the most prevalent and is found in the skin, tendons, vascular system, organs, cornea, and bone. 

Type 2: Is in cartilage,

Type 3: Is in the reticular fibers in the spinal cord and most of the areas of type 1 and is helpful for muscle recovery.

*Type 4: Is in the basal lamina and basement membrane of the skin, bone matrix, and cornea. *Most sources don’t count this type.  Most collage products list the other five.

Type 5: Is in cell surfaces, hair, and placenta.  It is found to support type 2 collagen.

Type 10: A newer addition, found in eggshell membrane is involved in the process of endochondral ossification or “network-forming collagen”. 


Our bodies produce collagen naturally.... (keep reading)

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Thursday, August 19 2021


Final Thoughts on Censorship and Ivermectin

Presently, FLCCC has a Facebook page, but they already have had three offenses and one more and they will be de-platformed.  They have been locked out of Twitter for one week, and YouTube has removed 11 of their videos.  Even a video by Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of ivermectin Satoshi Omura was removed from YouTube. 


Matt Taibbi an award-winning journalist formerly with Rolling Stone magazine, wrote this article that is worth reading about the censorship issue mainly revolving around Bret Weinstein and his wife Heather Haying. They both have PhD’s in biology and interview guests on their podcast Darkhorse which has been out front talking about the obvious benefits of the FLCCC protocols and ivermectin.


For the latest information on FLCCC and their progress in studies, and ivermectin, please visit  If you get sick and think you would want to try ivermectin and your regular doctor is hesitant in prescribing it to you, you can do a teleconference call with a Frontline Dr. here:  They may even prescribe it prophylactically. 

For the latest information on FLCCC and their progress in studies, and ivermectin, please visit  If you get sick and think you would want to try ivermectin and your regular doctor is hesitant in prescribing it to you, you can do a teleconference call with a Frontline Dr. here:  They may even prescribe it prophylactically. 


Lastly, keep in mind that the entire E.U.A. (emergency use authorization) allowing the use of fast-tracked vaccines is dependent on there being no viable treatment for Covid-19.  To do a large enough study on ivermectin that might get the attention of those who head the federal agencies might cost 20 million dollars.  However, since ivermectin is off patent and costs between 1.00 and 2.50 a pill, there isn't enough profit in an off-label drug to mobilize that large a study.

For the latest information on FLCCC and their progress in studies, and ivermectin, please visit  If you get sick and think you would want to try ivermectin and your regular doctor is hesitant in prescribing it to you, you can do a teleconference call with a Frontline Dr. here:  They may even prescribe it prophylactically. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the entire E.U.A. (emergency use authorization) allowing the use of fast-tracked vaccines is dependent on there being no viable treatment for Covid-19.  To do a large enough study on ivermectin that might get the attention of those who head the federal agencies might cost 20 million dollars.  However, since ivermectin is off patent and costs between 1.00 and 2.50 a pill, there isn't enough profit in an off-label drug to mobilize that large a study.

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Saturday, July 24 2021

Fluoride on Trial

Under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a group of non-profits and individuals petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2016 to end the addition of fluoridation chemicals into drinking water due to fluoride’s neurotoxicity. The EPA rejected the petition. In response, the groups sued the EPA in Federal Court.  For the first time since TSCA was enacted in 1976, plaintiffs were able to have a trial in Federal Court to try and stop the official policy of the U.S. government from the continued recommendation for the use of a toxic substance (fluoride) in the U.S. water supply. The trial was held in June 2020 and the judge has yet to make his decision. The next status hearing will be on August 26, 2021. 


Fluoride is a neurotoxin?  Don’t we need it to reduce tooth decay?  Isn’t that why it was added to the water supply in the 1950’s and why it is in toothpaste?  It turns out that recent analysis of data between 1970-2010 by the W.H.O., showed that countries that did not fluoridate their water had the same drop in dental caries on children as the countries that did fluoridate their water. 

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Wednesday, June 23 2021

Underestimated: An Autism Miracle

The statistics vary slightly depending on the study but about one in fifty births in the U.S. today will have an autistic diagnosis by the time the child is 8 years old.  That adds up to about seven million people with autism in this country.  Up to 40 percent of the children with autism spectrum disorders remain minimally speaking even after years of interventions.  That is nearly three million people! 


For parents of autistic children along with their caregivers it is a daily struggle to communicate with these kids and adults.  Because of this, parents are at a loss in their ability to ascertain the needs of their children, and parents, teachers, and caregivers are almost universally unaware of the cognitive ability of the child.  For most families with children categorized as severely autistic or profoundly autistic the fear of their child needing lifetime assistance is heartbreaking, exhausting and requires financial planning that hangs over them as they themselves get older. 


Most non-speaking autistic kids receive care from specialists in speech and behavior therapy and most improve to some degree.  However, their methods are weighted in the belief that there is a cognitive deficit in the brains of autistics with the emphasis of treatment to fix the speech patterns.  Elizabeth Vosseller SLP (speech language pathologist) broke with the accepted protocols and assumed that most autistic people were cognitively normal but were simply experiencing an inability to verbalize their thoughts because ...      more >

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Monday, May 24 2021
The Healing Power of Castor Oil
Castor bean oil from the castor bean has a long history of use for a variety of ailments.  Castor bean seeds were found in Egyptian tombs, and the use of the oil has been recorded not only in Egypt, but also China, Africa, Persia, Greece, Rome, Southern Europe, and the Americas.  The oil being applied to the skin with a flannel cloth and heat was re-popularized most recently by Edgar Cayce a 20th century Sunday School teacher who was also known as “the sleeping prophet”.  From the time he was a young boy, Cayce would have clairvoyant experiences.  Later in life he would enter a trance – comparable to sleeping but still able to answer questions, where he would give health readings for people desperate for help.  Cayce would not remember his recommendations when he came out of his trance, but they often included the use of castor oil packs to the body.  Cayce who died in 1945, lived long enough to have some of his readings recorded by film and over 14,000 of his readings are preserved by the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) headquarters in Virginia Beach. 


Ironically, a plant that seems to have so much healing potential contains one of the deadliest poisons known, a protein called ricin.  Consuming just one or two beans could kill you. However, ricin is not in the oil!  The healing part is the fat called Ricinoleic acid

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Thursday, April 22 2021

Getting a Grip on High Blood Pressure

Nearly half the adults in the United States (about 45%, or 108 million) have hypertension (high blood pressure).  High Blood Pressure (HBP) is defined where the pressure reading is over 130 for the systolic and over 80 for the diastolic pressure.  Of those about 30 million take medication for this condition.  The systolic or top number measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats, and the diastolic or bottom number measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart rests.  The higher your blood pressure levels, the more risk you have for other health problems such as kidney problems, eye problems, heart attack, heart disease, or stroke.  It could cause memory loss, blurred vision, libido issues in both men and women, and result in the excess loss of calcium and cause weaker bones. High blood pressure can damage arteries by making them less elastic, which decreases blood flow and oxygen to your heart and leads to heart disease.  High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because it usually has no warning signs or symptoms, and many people do not know they have it.  Therefore, periodic checks for your blood pressure are important.


The natural recommendations for reducing high blood pressure are to decrease alcohol, salt, and smoking, eating healthy foods and increasing physical activity and losing weight if necessary.  Taking time to relax or ...

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Wednesday, March 24 2021

Beyond Impossible

Perhaps you have noticed in the supermarket two new plant-based meat alternatives.  One, Beyond Meat and the other, Impossible Burger.  Burger King now offers an “Impossible Whopper”, and McDonalds has tested a Beyond Meat burger in Canadian markets.  KFC has experimented with a Beyond fried chicken too.  Its popularity is growing because unlike traditional vegetarian burgers, these products taste very much like meat. I am certain you will be seeing it offered at many other restaurants soon. 


The additional appeals are that these products will result in a reduction in the environmental stressors in raising beef and chickens, and appeal to people with a conscious awareness about the harvesting of those animals.  A video with a spokesperson for Impossible Burger claims that this alternative meat source will result in 75% less water usage and generate 87% less greenhouse gases from the elimination of methane released from cows and require 95% less land compared to the production of equal amounts of conventional ground beef from cows all while providing adequate protein for us.  That sounds great but is this true?


Nutritional Comparisons

Here is a comparison between the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger:


The Beyond Meat burger is soy free and gluten free (without a bun).  The Impossible burger is not. However, the other ingredients are basically equal to the Impossible Burger in terms of protein, fat, fiber, and sodium.



The actual ingredients in each break down more specifically in this diagram.


If we look deeper at some of the ingredients in both we see wheat and soy as the main protein in the Impossible Burger and pea protein isolate as the main protein in the Beyond Burger.  Soy is GMO (genetically modified) ....

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Wednesday, February 24 2021

The Mediterranean diet is well known for its health benefits.  One reason for this is the     plentiful use of olives and olive oil.  The olive tree spread throughout the Mediterranean basin 6000 years ago and is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world.  All three major religions have used or continue to use olive oil for special religious ceremonies.  This history and the respect that was given to olives and olive oil was formed by the wisdom of people thousands of years ago who were using olive oil regularly and saw its first-hand benefits.  Here is what research is showing us today that gives support to our ancestors’ intuition and practices.


Olive oil has been shown to:


  1. Protect against cardiovascular disease by lowering LDL cholesterol.  In one study, they monitored the food intake of 100,000 men and women who were free of cancer, heart disease, and stroke at baseline over a 24-year period.  After adjusting for major diet and lifestyle factors, compared with non-consumers, those with an olive oil intake over ½ tablespoon per day in place of other fats such as butter, had a 15% lower risk of any kind of cardiovascular disease and a 21% lower risk of coronary artery disease. Olives are also high in vitamin E, and olive oil increases nitric oxide and therefore circulation. 
  1. Help with oxidative stress, pain and inflammation which could help many arthritic conditions....                 Click to keep reading...
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Friday, January 15 2021
Magnetic Therapy for Health!

Magnetic Therapy for Health!

You may find it hard to believe but the F.D.A. has in five separate instances over the past 42 years, approved magnetic therapy for a multitude of health conditions ranging from non-union fracture, urinary incontinence, side effects from spinal fusion, the treatment of depression and anxiety, brain cancer, and general wellness. The therapeutic results were from P.E.M.F. devices. P.E.M.F. is a therapy using pulsed electro-magnetic fields. This is different from the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from all the electric devices that surround us such as power lines, computer screens, T.V.’s, and other household appliances that are continuous EMF’s and considered disruptive to our bodies own electromagnetic field.  PEMF on the other hand is generated at frequencies and at a strength level considered beneficial to our bodies.


In addition to what the FDA has approved there are many studies that show PEMF can help with the following conditions:

  1. Nerve Repair/Inflammation/Neuropathy
  2. Edema/Inflammation from acute injuries
  3. Fibromyalgia/General Pain and swelling
  4. Increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  5. Migraines and other headaches
  6. Tendonitis and Myositis (tendon and muscle inflammation)
  7. Arthritis/Joint pain
  8. Osteoporosis
  9. Improving range of motion
  10. Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  11. Increasing stem cell production
  12. Sleep problems
  13. Helping your immune system

Here is a sample of the over 2000 studies done with PEMF.


What is PEMF therapy?

Beneficial PEMF’s are magnetic fields that closely resemble the geo-magnetic fields of the earth if our body is in direct contact with it or we are exposed to the earth’s atmosphere.  The earth’s core, (the magma) is liquid iron and the movement of the magma as the earth spins is what creates the magnetic field of the earth and creates the north and south poles of the earth. Lightning creates the other magnetic frequency into the atmosphere.  Together these make up what is called Schumann Resonances. It was NASA scientists investigating why astronauts lost 1-2% of their bone mass for each month in space that determined it was due in part to their leaving the magnetic exposure of the earth and more specifically the lack of exposure to the Schumann Resonances of these earth based PEMFs.  Generally, Schumann Resonances are frequencies in the 7.8 Hz to 45 Hz range and it was the loss of exposure to these frequencies that resulted in bone loss.  Hz represents Hertz or frequency.  Frequency sounds like frequently and that is exactly what it is, it is how many times it vibrates per second.  Three out of the five brain waves have frequencies in this range.  Conversely, cell phones and cordless telephones are in the megahertz and gigahertz range. They are vibrating in the million and billion times per second.  Considering all the electrical devices we encounter and how little exposure we get from natural magnetic fields PEMF may be a novel way to treat chronic illness.   Below is a diagram that summarizes the benefits of PEMF:                                                         

How PEMF works

The main mechanism by which PEMF works is how the magnetic field helps all cells become healthier by improving mitochondrial function.  Mitochondria are like mini batteries in that they produce energy for the body.  The more mitochondria you have and the more efficient they are, the healthier you will be.  Mitochondria produce ATP for us to use for energy and help us with detoxification.  It is believed that a device generating a PEMF field into an area will give the cells within that magnetic field the energy to recharge its batteries (mitochondria) and cellular health.  Wherever you place the device whether it is over an area of pain, or a bone that has osteoporosis, over the brain if someone has a migraine or depression or over the abdomen for digestive problems, it will help heal the cells by improving mitochondrial efficiency and increase circulation to a painful, irritated, or toxic area.  PEMF increases our production of stem cells which are vitally important in our ability to heal damaged areas.  PEMF also increases endorphins such as Dopamine and Serotonin.  Some people think of PEMF as magnetically induced cellular exercise.


History of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is not a new idea.  The use of lodestones (magnetic rocks) was used by Hindus in 4000 B.C., and in 2000 B.C. Chinese physicians used lodestones on acupuncture points.  Hippocrates around 400 B.C. used lodestones for headaches and both Paracelsus in the 1500’s and German physician Frank Mesmer in the 1800’s used lodestones to treat seizures and psychiatric disorders.  Mesmer was so well known that it is his name where the term “mesmerized” comes from.  There were others who contributed to magnetic therapy including most notably, Tesla who in the early 20th century developed the Tesla coil, which is like PEMF. 


Our furry friends

PEMF is not just for humans.  There are many Veterinarians who are adopting PEMF in the treatment of their patients.  Dr. Marty Goldstein (no relation) is one of them.   Dr. Marty is the author of The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat.  Dr. Marty has been practicing for over 40 years and is a well-known proponent in the use of PEMF for his client’s pets.  Not surprisingly, this therapy is also used for horses and in many cases some of the most valuable racehorses in the world. 


Dr. Oz

On May 29, 2017, Dr. Oz had a show that focused on PEMF.  Here is a link to a five-minute clip from that show.


PEMF devices

Looking for a PEMF device can be a confusing experience.  Many devices claim that low level frequencies in the Schumann Resonance level is all that is needed to treat multitudes of health issues.  However, at those frequencies the power of the magnetic field, (referred to as gauss) is not that strong.  At a frequency or (Hertz) of 10-30 cycles per second, it would be hard for any device to generate a power output to penetrate much more than an inch below the surface of the skin. Therefore, it would require a much longer treatment time.  Increasing the power output (gauss) would have to slow down the frequency.  Therefore, for clinical problems deeper within the body requires a gauss level that many devices do not offer.  With the lower-level machines which might have a gauss level of 200-500 gauss a treatment might take hours, whereas the stronger devices with gauss levels of 5000-10,000 gauss a treatment might be 10 minutes.  Even with a stronger gauss, the magnetic field diminishes considerably deep in the body.  According to Dr William Pawluk MD, (who has been in the PEMF field for 25 years) approximately 1000 gauss is needed for each inch of penetration into the body and ideally you want to deliver approximately 15 gauss to the target tissue.  There is no one size fits all.  There are times when low power and higher frequency work better and there are times when high power lower frequency works better.  The analogy of lifting weights comes to mind.  Is it better to curl 15 pounds 25x or 35 pounds 6x?  They both have their benefits. 


PEMF Devices

I just bought a device for the practice that includes both the lower-level power with higher Schumann frequencies and the higher gauss/lower frequency combination.  The max output is 7400 gauss, certainly capable of delivering the needed 15 gauss up to 6 inches deep into the body in most people.


PEMF is one of the best kept secrets in the wellness arena and it is painless to do and has no side effects. If anyone wants to experience what it is like, call the office and we can set up a time to give you a demonstration with it.  The only contraindication is having a pacemaker or any other battery device and pregnancy.  Therefore, a hearing aid would need to be removed before treatment. 

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